6 New Car Tech Features That Are Actually Cool

There’s lots of latest vehicle generation that impedes the riding enjoyment. These tech capabilities don’t.

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For the maximum part, the great using experience is one that isn’t packed with complex electronics. But these examples of car era virtually make automobiles better for fanatics.

The article below was at first published on Tuesday, Sept. 17, at 10:43am. Today, our interior source informs us that Tesla prototypes took to the Nurburgring in the course of an reputable closed-tune, timing-allowed lap session with no traffic. According to our insider, the blue Tesla prototype ran a 7:40 lap—our source believes the auto might also have had a mechanical problem, or the driving force can also have made an blunders somewhere, that might give an explanation for the gradual lap time. The purple Tesla prototype finished one lap in 7:23—equal to the time set on Tuesday all through Industry Pool checking out, with site visitors at the circuit. Our professional eyewitness factors out that the two Tesla prototypes had finished numerous complete laps of the circuit before the reputable timing consultation this evening, and speculates that battery temperature or charge depletion may have accounted for the dearth of development in lap instances in comparison to the day before today. Below is our unique information record because it changed into published on Tuesday, Sept. 17.

It appears Tesla’s go to to the Nurburgring is bearing some fruit: Today, eyewitnesses have timed a closely-changed Model S lapping the well-known German circuit at a blistering 7:23—nearly 20 seconds quicker than the 7:forty two lap time set by using the Porsche Taycan. But it took a variety of adjustments to the car to get there.

According to neighborhood Nurburgring experts, the two Model S prototypes lapping the Nurburgring are nothing like the EVs you can buy from Tesla today. Our internal supply describes the vehicles as being “stripped to the gunwales,” the interiors fully gutted of anything aside from the vital seats, harnesses, and driving force controls—for this reason the dark-tinted home windows, it seems. And we’re nearly certain those prototypes are sporting a brand-new, three-motor extremely-high-performance drivetrain—one motor for each rear wheel, and one powering the front axle. Tesla CEO Elon Musk says this extremely-high-performance drivetrain—nicknamed “Plaid,” the logical conclusion to the automaker’s many Spaceballs references—may be to be had on production Model S, Model X and Roadster sometime next 12 months.

The automobiles are also running on huge, wide aftermarket wheels carrying unusual tires—Goodyear Eagle F1 Supersport RS, a emblem-new tune-oriented (but still avenue criminal) tire just brought this yr. Currently, the ones tires aren’t to be had on any Tesla version, and the Nurburgring prototypes put on upload-on fender flares to cowl the greater-extensive wheel-and-tire setup. Our eyewitness additionally referred to that the Teslas have big carbon-ceramic brakes, possibly Brembo SGLs, the sort used on top-spec performance automobiles from Lamborghini, Mercedes and more. And as we noted previously, the Teslas seen on the ‘Ring also function competitive aerodynamic mods inclusive of a huge rear Gurney flap.

While it’s uncertain who turned into using at some stage in the 7:23 lap timed with the aid of our eyewitness, 3 expert racing drivers and ‘Ring experts have been visible piloting the Tesla prototypes: Thomas Mutsch, who drives a Ford GT in FIA GT and GT3; Andreas Simonsen, who competes inside the Nurburgring VLN collection driving for Porsche Team Huber and has driven for Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus; and Carl Rydquist, a GT3 racer.

Clearly, the weight loss, ultra-sticky tires and aero mods—and the massive electricity of the 3-motor drivetrain—have delivered up. Our eyewitness, armed with a stopwatch and a clean view of the song, hand-timed the Tesla prototype lapping the song in 7:23. And observe: This unofficial time became set at some stage in Industry Pool lapping periods, where dozens of producer prototype cars ranging from diesel crossovers to fireplace-respiration supercars all share the music at the same time.

Nurburgring organizers forbid automakers from timing their personal laps at some stage in Industry Pool sessions, and drivers are required to enter and go out the tune from the pit place at Turn 13, creating an entire flying lap impossible. So, given the site visitors and the restrictions of Industry Pool checking out, we experience sure that the enormously-modified Tesla will be able to an excellent quicker lap time on a piece of empty music at some stage in an legitimate timed consultation. Our eyewitness did notice that weather situations have been perfect in the course of the lapping consultation, with temperatures around 64 tiers F and heavy cloud cover.

Still, this is mighty rapid. Our eyewitness unblocker for school described the Tesla prototypes popping out to overhaul 500- and six hundred-horsepower supercars throughout the Industry Pool lapping classes. And the prototypes seemed in a position to complete laps of the 12.9-mile course with none noticeable degradation in performance—preceding Teslas had long past into limp-home mode after just a few corners of the ‘Ring, probable because of battery overheating.

Our Nurburgring professionals suspect that this isn’t the final we have heard from Tesla at the ‘Ring. There’s an authentic lap-timing consultation scheduled for Wednesday night, wherein a couple of manufacturers gets a threat to set a flying lap on an empty path, and Tesla is sort of really signed as much as run during this session. In addition, some other timing consultation could be scheduled for Saturday night time (after the 3-hour persistence race set for early Saturday)—rumor has it this could be a private consultation reserved by using Tesla. We will be sure to hold you published on any new developments in this ongoing conflict for EV sedan supremacy at the ‘Ring.