Since 6 months i did a survey about the most famous Turboproxy to unblock site worldwide.

The survey showed that the major keyword used that time on search engines :Google , Yandex , Baido , Qwant , Yahoo , Duckduckgo , to reach Turbo proxy was proxysite with a position of 3 on google rank pages.

Unfortunately the same keyword : proxysite went far away on position to 6 later to 9,5 on search engines.

The question is why Turboproxy site lost this very imortant keyword over time.

Today its on 55,5 position on all search engines. What happened to the keyword proxysite ?

The keyword simply needed some backlinks to save the position but it seems clear that the owner of site or the webmaster did not pay attention to do it even if it was the best keyword on search engines which make users reach the site through search engines.

Experts of SEo can explain this phenomenon easily .

This story about proxysite is told just to let users know a bit about whats the meaning of keywords and for what are used to.

jake pat

founder of Golden idea team and web designer of the following sites: