How to Hide My IP Address


Ways How to Hide My IP Address

Do you know  why people hide their IP address and how you can do the same?

Hiding your IP address is very  simple once you  know to do it and why either.

Thousands of people , may be you are one of them  want to hide  ip  and id also to   get access to blocked sites in  anonymous ways .

The best way  to hide your IP address including keeping your Internet connection encrypted and fully anonymous is to use a proxy or a vpn.

A computer’s IP Address is like the physical address of a house. If someone calls a pizzeria to order a delivery, they need to provide their physical address. Without that address, the pizza delivery person will have no idea which house to deliver the pizza to!

For example, when a user types a domain name, like, into a web browser, this will initiate a request to Google’s web server asking for content (the Google homepage). Once Google receives the request, it needs to know where to send the website content. For this reason, the request will contain the asker’s IP address. Using the provided IP address, Google can send a response back to the user’s device, which will then display that content in the user’s web browser.

How to hide my ip address?

hidding my ip is hidding my id either.

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