How to save your computer’s Data ?

How to save your computer’s Data ?

By simply changing your proxy, you can connect to a nearby server that is not subject to these restrictions.

However, the proxy does not encrypt your traffic. For example, if you watch YouTube on your school network,  or connect to any other site ,network administrators may monitor your activities and block that proxy.

The school’s network administrator is not the only one who can monitor your activities. If you access YouTube at home, and access even any site too so automaticcally  your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will also be able to monitor all your activities.

Why is it important?

Data collection is a profitable business, and the companies that collect this data use it to generate targeted ads for you.

In addition, these proxies may have hidden spyware and share more data than you want.

As you can Configure a proxy in your browser :

Instead of relying on a Web site proxy that can be blocked, you can configure a proxy for yourself.

The problem with Web proxies is that every time you want to access blocked sites, you must refresh the proxy page. This can be annoying, especially if you want to open frequently blocked sites. To resolve this problem, you can use a manual proxy. It will help you open multiple blocked sites simultaneously on different tabs.

Configuring a manual proxy is simple. You must obtain a reliable proxy (this may be a paid service) and configure it on your browser.

For example, if you use Firefox, here’s how to configure it. These steps are valid for Firefox Quantum 60.0.2, and will generally work on most versions of Firefox.

in case you want to skip all steps above just use one of the following free proxy: