How to unblock Sites ,YouTube videos on restricted networks 2019

How to unblock sites ,YouTube videos on restricted networks

in so many areas like china ,korea internet usually restricted,in this case what to do to bypass internet filters not just at schools,work or colleges but wherever you are?

YouTube is the world’s largest video streaming website. Every major video is published like trailers, gameplay, etc. are on YouTube. But as a source of distraction, many networks at places like the offices, schools, colleges, and some private networks. In this post, we will be taking a look at the methods which will help us to unblock and access YouTube videos on restricted networks. However, some of these methods which do not include dedicated software and websites. I will mention separately.

Major free proxies used in this case to slove the problem:

unblock proxy site


Both sites proxies used to unblock sites and to unblock youtube.

the following picture is about unblockproxy site which is used to unblock sites ,youtube and also facebook.

The site unblocker is used in usa,europe,asia and well known on search engines :google,baidu,yandex,qwant…..

How to unblock YouTube videos

These methods will work on PCs, Android, and iOS devices as well:

  1. Using a VPN or Virtual Private Network.
  2. Using a Proxy Freeware.
  3. Using a Free Web Proxy.
  4. Using a browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox.
  5. Using a browser add-on for Google Chrome.
  6. Using YouTube Downloader software.
  7. Using YouTube Downloader website.
  8. Other Methods.

Using the best free unblock proxy site and the best unblocker is the best path and the best way to unblock youtube on google chrome,firefox or any browser.